03 / 09

The Crafty Cub


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Conceptual Work



The Crafty Cub

The Crafty Cub is a local toymaker and toy shop that specialized in woodworking and knitting. With the pandemic going on, they want to create an online presence so that they can continue bringing happiness to every kids, one toy at a time.

There were two major challenges that needed solving. First, The Crafty Cub did not have any branding prior to the project — in order to establish themselves on the market and allow customers to identify them, they need a brand identity that are memorable and showcase their works and values. The next challenge is to provide their customers with ease of use when they visit their website; this can be difficult with the shear amount of products they have, which might overwhelmed visitors.

It started with creating a simple branding identity that is fun and memorable. A playful custom logotype is developed, accompanied by a bright and colorful pallete that would be sure to bring joy to both kids and adults alike.Afterwards, their website's concept is developed, with a focus on simplicity in navigation - users never have to frustratingly dig into the website to find what they need. Products are laid out in a responsive grid layout; combined with a category sidebar and easy-to-access search and filter functions.

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