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The problem

Statistics show that a growing number of Canadians are under increasing financial pressure. To better manage their income and expenses, it is utmost important to create and maintain a budget. However, only 49% of Canadians report having one. There are various reasons cited for people that don’t budget, with one of the biggest issues being that they are overwhelmed about having to track and manage their finances.

With that in mind, nubudget is created, aiming to make budget tracking and logging an easier, more streamlined, and on-the-go experience. Employing a zero-based, envelope-based model, nubudget makes sure that every single cent of your budget will have a role, making it easier to see where your money comes and goes.

The challenge

Competitors analysis shows that while similar software (e.g. YNAB) are packed with features, they are also too content-heavy and way too information-dense for users to quickly digest. This is the main contributor to why people are turned off by the idea of budgeting.


How can we communicate all important information without overwhelming our users? Simplify navigation & display only what is important.

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